Anti Spam Policy

As per the Agreement, you have subscribed to transmission of Promotional and Transactional SMS Messages to Customers via VMac Messaging Application/SMPP/XML/HTTP.

          • During the term of the Agreement you shall strictly comply with the applicable for the content from the telecom rules and regulations.
          •Content: you shall strictly comply, applicable with the SMS Messages and agree that SMS content as stated in the below points shall not be not sent.

(a) Any virus and malicious code that might disrupt, disable, harm, erase memory of, or otherwise impede operations, or functions of any software, hardware, wireless device, computer or any network

(b) Any vulgar, obscene content, adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to (i) corporations or brands; (ii) any personality, living or dead; (iii) communities, living or extinct; (iv)to any city, building, geographical feature, etc. that can be singularly / uniquely identified in the world; (v) gender and (vi) physical / racial attributes.

(c) Any content, which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or the effect whereof is such as to tend to deprave or corrupt any person.

(d) Any content, the presentation, dissemination or disclosure whereof, infringes any intellectual property right or confidentiality obligation

(e) Any content which VMax, acting in its sole discretion, declares to be opposed to standards of morality or decency, or to be opposed to public policy or any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any VMax or any other companies, organizations, religious associations, political parties, governments (state and central), anyone's private life, any other commercial and non-commercial entities.

(f) Any content that that violates the requirements of any network operator that VMax uses to provide the Services.

(h) Any content that harms minors or any other persons in any manner.

(i) Any content that can be construed as any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", or any other forms of solicitation.

Any act dealt recognized from one of the above or any other such will be considered a serious issue and will result in the immediate disablement of our service without any refund.


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